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This site's development is continuing. We are dedicated to present a high quality site that benefits our community.

If you look at the browser's title for this web page, you should see "NutriStep Center for Lifestyle and Nutrition". That is what this site is about.

What does nutrition have to do with lifestyle?

That's a commonly asked question! The site has published an excellent (although wordy) definition of lifestyle that may help:

"Way of living of individuals, families (households), and societies, which they manifest in coping with their physical, psychological, social, and economic environments on a day-to-day basis. Lifestyle is expressed in both work and leisure behavior patterns and (on an individual basis) in activities, attitudes, interests, opinions, values, and allocation of income. It also reflects people's self image or self concept; the way they see themselves and believe they are seen by others. Lifestyle is a composite of motivations, needs, and wants and is influenced by factors such as culture, family, reference groups, and social class. The analysis of consumer life styles (called psychographics) is an important factor in determining how consumers make their purchase decisions."

NutriStep© finds the mention of psychographics interesting, but we believe it's actually purchase decisions that drive changes in lifestyle. We believe that many historical business decisions to reduce costs or change processing, manufacturing and marketing of nutritional products (foods and supplements) were done to promote the businesses (increase profit) without properly addressing the full needs of the consumer community. Over time, many of those decisions negatively impacted nutrition, health, personal energy, motives and lifestyle. Those decisions also have triggered law suits and driven creation of laws to protect consumers. While a legal action is appreciated when it benefits the overall community, it is a tedious and costly process that is usually too late, as actions are taken only after serious issues have already impacted at least some of the community.

NutriStep© intends to leverage the internet to gather and share information as quickly as possible to allow consumers to learn more about nutritional products. Our purpose is to enable people to improve their health and lifestyles by learning what nutritional products are beneficial and avoiding potentially harmful ones. NutriStep© created this web site to share knowledge about nutrition and lifestyle and involve the participating community to evaluate and rate as (1) products under current review, (2) products recommended for community use, (3) products having unevidenced claims, and (4) products rated potentially harmful. We also intend to facilitate access to products that are recommended for community use.

As information is gathered and shared, we expect to see improved overall community health and lifestyle and better products from businesses.

Check back later to join our community, view our content and help evaluate products under review.