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Your life-long health is a journey, not a destination!

Many people think of life as a journey and then think of health similarly, as a destination. However, people who focus on the destination are focusing on the end of the journey. It is over. Focus on quality of the journey. The quality of your health drives lifestyle. Under the influence of modern science and industry, most people are born and mature in relatively good health. Keep in mind that it wasn't always like that. For example, people born around 1880 had an average life expectancy of about 55 years. So, a journey intended to last a hundred or more years begins with a single step and continues one step at a time. Don't presume problems won't arise during the journey. Building and maintaining your health is a critical factor, and although most people begin well, many encounter serious problems. No one should believe good health is a life-long certainty. During all periods of our lives, we earn and pay our way as we go, or borrow from our future, later paying consequences at high rates.

Invest in yourself, and pay attention to the results. Always follow up, and adjust to the changing conditions of your environment, your body, and your mind. They are all factors affecting overall health. Adapt to changes that bring you challenges you cannot avoid. And, strength is not the only attribute to consider.

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change."     - Charles Darwin

The same logic applies to individuals; the strongest dominate only if the most adaptable let them. Train yourself to become one of the most adaptable by adopting the right habits. And, there's another common question! How do habits help?

"We first make our habits, then our habits make us."    - John Dryden

That is another truth, and that is how you can change your lifestyle and influence your health. You are enabled in this world to make and change your life. Please take ownership of your future, or it will default to random chance or being overshadowed by others' decisions that usually don't address your needs and concerns. Speak up for yourself by living for your personal values.

When you have accomplished that, reach out to others! Leading by example, help them become as adaptable as possible, even if more than you. As more people reach their highest levels, your community will strengthen tremendously and be able to stand together facing the challenges of life. That is when quality of life and a sense of certainty trends upward. Remember this quote:

"United we stand, divided we fall."     - Aesop

Remember, if people passively accept life's events as they come, the community weakens and eventually falls apart. Do your best! Help your family, friends and the NutriStep© community! Join today!